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Ms. Costales
831-646-6568 Extension 316
Yearbooks can only be purchased ONLINE only.
The School Code is 16072 or you can enter the school’s name.
Yearbook Notice

Yearbook Notice

Due to responsible “social distancing” at PGMS, we are doing our best to finish the yearbook. As a result, you can help out by doing the following:
1. If students at PGMS are siblings with other PGMS students and/or parents, please submit a single photo of them together by March 23rd.
2. We encourage students to submit one or two photos (no more please) of them doing school work from home. Be creative! These photos are to be submitted by March 26th.
3. If a student does a spring sport (tennis, golf, track, wrestling) at PGMS, please submit a single photo of them doing the sport. Submit these photos by March 20th.
To upload pictures directly to the yearbook company, Herff-Jones, please go to and use the code breakers for Pacific Grove Middle School.
If that doesn’t work, feel free to email the photo/s to Ms. Costales by email. Again, do not send more than one or two pictures.