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Counselor :
Janie Lawrence

646-6568 x304
Zoe Roach
Sonda Frudden


The goal of our school counseling program is to support and build relationships with students, staff, and parents so that the student is connected to their community and feels confident in themselves and their abilities to achieve their educational goals.
The PGMS Counseling Team offers academic counseling, personal, short-term counseling, and drop-in groups for both parents and children.  Video, phone and in-person meetings available.
Please call or email for more information about scheduling an appointment for you or your child, to learn about Drop-In group times and/or information about support services outside the school.

PGMS Breakers!  Come join the Counseling Google Classroom.  The code is: z53g5fa  

Once you join our classroom come visit our Google Meet Drop-in groups.  Topics change weekly. 
Movin and Groovin for new PGMS 6th Graders: 
Monday 11-11:30

Movin and Groovin for new PGMS 7th and 8th graders:  
Monday  11:00-11:30

"The Breaker Break"-6th grade Drop-in Group with the Counselor 
Mon  at 1:00-1:30

"The Breaker Break"-7th/8th Drop-in Group with the Counselor 
Mon  at 11:45-12:15