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Mr. Brice Gamble

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About Me

About Me

My name is Brice Gamble. I also respond to Bruce Camble, which originated as a typo but I have embraced as an alias, either way, I respond to both. I grew up in Pacific Grove and am a product of the Pacific Grove Unified School System.  I have been a teacher at Pacific Grove Middle School since 2005. My primary class is 8th  Grade U.S. History but I have also dabbled in the subjects of 7th  Grade World History, Leadership, Video Production, and one week of espionage in Home Economics.
I love History because it is constantly moving. History is not dead and done. When new information is uncovered, people who were once celebrated as heroes can become villains and the opposite can happen too. To understand History we are going to recreate it -- my hope is that you gain the perspective and understanding to feel what these historical figures were going through, what decisions were they forced to make, and if those choices led to failure or success. The one thing I want you to learn from this class is that you can try, fail, and still be a success. History is full of people who didn’t always achieve their dream but never accepted defeat and that should be our goal every day.